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Transmission Service Baldwin Park

A check engine light doesn’t always mean there’s a problem with your engine, specifically. Sometimes, it could be your car’s transmission that could be giving out. A failing transmission can cause your vehicle to become unreliable and pose a threat while on the road. If you suspect that your transmission is going bad, bring it to Sornoso’s Automotive as soon as you can! We perform the best transmission service near Baldwin Park with affordable pricing and flexible financing options so you can get back on the road safely.

Signs of a Failing Transmission

How can you tell if your transmission is failing? Some common telltale signs include strange sounds or a grinding sensation while your vehicle is sitting still, or if you see fluid leaking out the bottom. These are just a few of the minor, more common symptoms. However, it’s possible to experience significantly worse issues that pose more of a threat to your safety and the safety of others.

car mechanic repairing vehicle engine

Warning Sign Description
Gear Slips One of the more dangerous symptoms involve the vehicle switching gears unprovoked while in the middle of a drive
Unmoving Gears When you have a low level (or the wrong kind) of transmission fluid, your gears struggle to change or they may not budge at all.
Burnt Smells This sign requires immediate care because it likely means that your transmission is overheating or your fluid could be old and burnt.
Noises During Standby Unpleasant noises while sitting in neutral could mean that your transmission needs to be completely replaced
Unresponsive Gears One sign that you really can’t ignore is when your gears are completely unresponsive to the point where you can’t even get your car into drive mode

As you can see, some of these problems can be extremely dangerous if ignored. If you’re experiencing any of these occurrences with your vehicle, the skilled mechanics at Sornoso’s Automotive will fix or replace your transmission so you can drive around Baldwin Park safely again.

What Sornoso’s Automotive Can Do For You

car transmission

No matter how your vehicle’s transmission is acting, Sornoso’s Automotive can identify the exact problem and fix it up good as new! Depending on the status of your transmission, we can perform any of the following services and repairs:

Minor adjustments
Fluid or filter exchanges
Resealing fluid leakage
Replacing certain parts
Rebuilding (or overhauling) the transmission
Complete transmission replacement

Schedule Your Transmission Repair Today

Needless to say, we’re experts in transmission repairs, services, and replacements. For the best place to fix up your transmission near Baldwin Park, come to Sornoso’s Automotive! Call us at 626-966-0404 or schedule your service online.


We are proud to announce that all our service technicians are ASE Certified.


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