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Automatic car transmission

Transmission Repair in Azusa

Your transmission is one of the most important parts of your car. That’s why Sornoso’s Auto Repair is ready to help whenever you need transmission repair. From replacing your transmission fluid to rebuilding your transmission, we are here keep your transmission running smoothly.

When Does Your Transmission Need Repairs?

Not only is the transmission one of the most important parts of your car, but it can also be one of the most costly parts to work on. By maintaining your transmission properly, you can ensure it stays in good shape for a long time. This is why it’s critical to pay attention to your transmission. If you notice any of these signs, take your car to our shop immediately.

Your car won’t drive
Check engine light is on
Car is leaking a reddish fluid
Gears shift loudly and are grinding or shaking

Transmission repair closeup

What about Transmission Fluid?

Transmissions need transmission fluid to function properly. Having the right type and amount of transmission fluid in your car will help it continue to function properly and prevent unnecessary repairs. Transmission fluid has two purposes.

1) Lubricates the transmission gears.

When you shift gears, your transmission fluid makes this feel smooth and easy. The fluid also helps to keep the transmission cool so that it does not overheat.

1) Keeps hydraulic pressure at the right level.

Transmission fluid also helps to keep the proper pressure between your car’s engine and the transmission.

Why Change Your Transmission Fluid?

Changing your transmission fluid (or having us do it for you!) is one of the best ways to keep your car healthy. We suggest looking at your owners manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations about when to change the transmission fluid. However, we can always provide suggestions when needed. It’s important to change the fluid regularly for the following reasons:

• Metal chips come off gears and contaminate the fluid
• Additives and detergents in the fluid gradually deplete
• Sludge and varnish can build up in the fluid, making it less effective

Is Your Transmission Leaking?

Pay attention to any reddish fluids pooling up beneath your car when you park. This can indicate a transmission leak. Transmission fluid is essential to keeping your transmission running well and the sooner you get this taken care of the better shape your transmission will be in.

When you bring your car into the shop, we’ll inspect the hoses, gaskets, and seals of your transmission to find out what’s going on. Once we’ve found the problem, we will make all the necessary transmission repairs to keep your car running in tip-top shape.

Flushing Your Transmission

Flushing your transmission fluid every so often will keep your transmission running well. When you bring your vehicle into our shop for a transmission flush, we will inspect your transmission pan for debris, switch out the transmission filter, change the transmission fluid, and look for signs of corrosion.

Types of Transmissions We Repair

We provide transmission repair for many makes and models of vehicles. We also service both manual and automatic transmissions, as well as vehicles with four wheel (4×4) drive. Whether you need regular maintenance or a transmission rebuild, we provide the best transmission repair services around.

Automatic Transmission Automatic transmissions make driving easy, but they are sure complicated. They are composed of 4-5 forward gear ratios, Park, Reverse, and Neutral gear.
Four-Wheel (4×4) Drive Transmission A 4×4 drive vehicle has differential gear, front and rear axles, and a transfer case connected to the transmission. We service all of these parts.
Manual Transmission Manual transmission has between two and eight gears that are controlled by a clutch pedal and gear shift. We will diagnose any problems with your manual transmission and service it so your transmission keeps running great.

Count on Sornoso’s Auto Repair for Transmission Service

At Sornoso’s Auto Repair, we know the ins and outs of automatic and manual transmissions. From big trucks to performance vehicles, we’ve repaired all types of transmissions to keep cars running right. Whether you need a small transmission repair or a more intensive repair, we are ready to help. To get started, call our shop at 626-966-0404 to set up a service appointment or book an appointment through our website.

We are proud to announce that all our service technicians are ASE Certified.


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