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Sornoso’s Auto Repair has been proving the West Covina community with excellent auto repair services for over 30 years. From oil changes to brake repair, we do it all! To get started, contact us online or give us a call at 626-966-0404.

Changing Your Oil

One of the most common car repair services we do is changing a car’s oil and oil filter. It’s typical to need to change your oil about every 7,500 miles. The right amount and right quality of oil keeps your engine components cool, improves your fuel efficiency, and keeps your car running well for a long time.

Windshield Wiper Replacement

Make sure you are driving in safe conditions by taking care of your windshield wipers. When you notice these signs, it is time to have your wipers replaced.

Rubber is no longer snug against the windshield
You hear the wipers squeaking
The wipers smear or leave streaks
The frame of the blade is bend or damaged

All of these signs indicate that your wipers are less effective at clearing rain and sleet. It’s equally important to ensure your car has an adequate supply of windshield wiper fluid.

Pouring Oil To Car Engine
Changing Windscreen Wipers
Car Air Filter Replacement

Replace Your Air Filter

Your car’s air filters play an important role in trapping dirt, dust, and other debris and preventing it from getting into your engine and the cockpit of your car. This allows fresh air into the engine to improve fuel economy and performance. It also ensures that clean air is pumped through your AC vent. By having us replace your air filter, you can:

Reduce your car’s emissions
Improve air quality in the cockpit
Reduce allergy symptoms
Improve your gas mileage

When Does Your Car Need Maintenance?

Your “check engine” light and “service engine soon” are definite indicators that you should bring your car to our shop. However, you should pay attention to these signs as well.

Braking: You experience a “soft” brake pedal or hear grinding, scraping, squeking sounds.
Acceleration: The vehicle won’t accelerate as expected.
Shaking: Car is shaking or vibrating when turning, stopping, or starting.
Stalling: Vehicle stalls out or can’t get started.
Shifting problems: Automatic transmissions are designed to shift smoothly. Shifting hard, slippage, and lurching can indicate problems with your transmission.

Mechanic Working On The Engine
Car Tire Maintenance

Tire Maintenance

It’s important to maintain your tires for a smooth and safe drive by rotating them, keeping them pressurized, and replacing them when necessary.

As needed: Pay attention to any low air pressure indicators and act promptly to inflate your tires to the proper air pressure.
6-months: About every 6 months rotate your tires to help extend their life. This balances the treads and prevents noise and vibration problems.
6-10 years: This is typically how long tires last. The tread depth should be greater than 2/32 of an inch or it’s time to replace them.

Regular Check-Ups

There are many components that make your car run well. We’ll help you take care of the big problems and minor issues. When you bring your car to our shop for regular check-ups, we can:

Make sure all your lights are working: fog lights, turn signals, brake, and parking lights
Check your oil and coolant levels
Ensure battery connections are tight and there isn’t corrosion
Inspect brake system including brake fluid, brake linings, rotors, brake pads
Check your transmission fluid and add more as needed

For a full list of the services we offer, please visit our website.

Car Regular Check Up

We are proud to announce that all our service technicians are ASE Certified.


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