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oil change service west covina

If there’s one thing that you should keep up with regarding your car, it’s getting regular oil changes as needed. The simple act of changing your oil can prevent so many other problems that could occur from neglect. For the best oil change service in West Covina, come to Sornoso’s Auto Repair!

Treating your car to an oil change

Getting an oil change for your car is like getting a fresh new haircut or taking a day off for a spa treatment. We spend a little time for ourselves to rejuvenate which helps us continue on with our busy lives. An oil change is a vehicle’s way to reinvigorate all of its motor functions so it can keep taking you to where you need to go without any issues. At Sornoso’s Automotive, we understand the importance of oil changes and so we offer the best products with the best service in all of West Covina.


changing engine oil

oil change service at sornoso’s automotive

mechanic changing oil

We do more than just replace your car’s oil. We provide premium grade synthetic oil because the quality of fluids that you put into your tank makes a huge difference. We want you to have the smoothest ride possible and this is our way of doing you the favor. We also perform oil filter replacements with only the highest quality filters we can get our hands on. To top it all off (quite literally), we check to make sure all of your fluids are at decent levels. To walk you through a typical oil change service, you can expect us to:

Check the status of your current oil
Drain out all of the old oil
Change out the oil filter if necessary
Pour in brand new oil
Throw in additives by request
Ensure that your vehicle is operating properly before you go

get more for your dollar

One thing that sets us apart from other auto shops in West Covina is our affordable pricing and financing options. We naturally offer the lowest prices in the area, but we also offer additional savings in the form of deals and coupons. For example, you could enjoy a free oil change when getting a front and rear brake job done. We also offer free roadside assistance in certain oil change packages. You can call us at any time to ask us about our current deals, or you can view our coupons online.


Stop by sornoso’s automotive for an oil change today

Getting an oil change in West Covina can be done in minutes and for a low cost at Sornoso’s Automotive. Just bring in your vehicle whenever it’s convenient for you and let us handle the rest! Call 626-966-0404 for more information.


We are proud to announce that all our service technicians are ASE Certified.


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