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Someone Filling an oil to a car

Oil Change

Oil changes are an essential part of proper car care. That’s why we don’t only offer this important service, but we do it with the expertise of years of serving Covina and the surrounding area. At Sornoso’s Auto Repair, we know what makes cars tick and so you can expect a noticeably better ride after we’re done.

Why You Need An Oil Change

Your vehicle will literally stop in its tracks if you try to go without an oil change. Not only will your car stop working, but it could result in many grave dangers. We highly recommend that you stop by Sornoso’s Auto Repair at least twice a year to ensure that your ride is getting the amount of care that it needs for optimal performance.

What Happens When You Don’t Do It

The point of motor oil is to lubricate your vehicle’s insides. If you neglect to bring it to our auto shop for maintenance, your old oil will eventually turn into sludge thus making your engine work much harder than it needs to. When this happens, your entire car can overheat and lead to engine failure. Having this occur while driving around Covina is incredibly dangerous, and it can end up in many costly damages.

Someone Filling an oil to a car

When Do I Need My Oil Changed?

• Every 5,000 miles on regular oil

• Every 10,000 miles on synthetic oil

• Every 3-6 months

• When your oil change light comes up on the dashboard

• If you feel shaking while idling

How Your Car Will Feel After

After bringing your car to Sornoso’s Auto Repair for an oil change, you may notice a much smoother ride the moment you drive off the lot. Your vehicle will also be able to accelerate better and even bring you better gas mileage. Oil changes are also a great way to preserve the lifespan of other parts of your car, especially the engine.

Car Mechanic Checking oil

How We Do It Better

When you choose Sornoso’s Auto Repair for your oil change service, our mechanics will have a look around to confirm that other important aspects of your vehicle are in working condition to make sure you stay safe on the road. This includes checking your lights, filters, and other fluids if necessary. And because we’ve been doing this every day for years, we are familiar with the motions so we can get you in and out fast.

Stop By Anytime For Swift Service!

For a healthier car in just a matter of minutes, feel free to swing by Sornoso’s Auto Repair whenever it’s convenient for you and we’ll give you the best oil change service in Covina. Call ahead at 626-966-0404 to ask about our current deals and specials or to ask us about the products we use! We will gladly answer any questions you may have as part of our quality service.

We are proud to announce that all our service technicians are ASE Certified.


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