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Your brakes are arguably the most important part of any vehicle. Without it, the only way to come to a stop would be to crash into something at full speed. Obviously, that method is out of the question. For the best brake service in Baldwin Park, bring your car to Sornoso’s Automotive to maintain a safe ride.

Telltale Signs of Faulty Brakes

How do you know when to bring your vehicle in for brake service? It’s best to get your brakes inspected every five thousand miles, or every 4-6 months. Sometimes, your car will tell you it needs new brakes by:

Producing a loud grinding sound
Violently vibrating the brake pedal
Turning on the corresponding dash indicator
Squealing in response to pressure on the pedal

If you experience any of these occurrences as you’re cruising through Baldwin Park, schedule an appointment with Sornoso’s Automotive as soon as you can! It’s incredibly dangerous to continue driving the vehicle under these conditions, so don’t delay.


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Brake Services at Sornoso’s Automotive

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What can we do for your vehicle here at Sornoso’s Automotive? Depending on how your car is reacting, there may be different aspects of your brakes that need repairs or replacing. This includes brake pad replacement and brake system repairs. After the initial brake inspection, our mechanics will be able to pinpoint the problem and find the perfect solution for you!


If your vehicle has an Anti-Lock Braking System (also known as ABS), our mechanics are also trained in maintenancing and repairing those, too! Working on ABS takes special care and knowledge because of their more complex design and added technology in order to provide you with more safety and security on the road by allowing you control of the vehicle during dire situations.

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With so many options in Baldwin Park, why choose Sornoso’s Automotive? We have over 30 years of experience in serving the area so we have a reputation that you can trust. As an Official State Brake and Lamp Adjusting Station, we perform the best quality of service in all of Baldwin Park for both domestic and foreign vehicles. And even though we provide top-quality service, we still offer affordable rates and financing options such as Snap Financing so you can maintain a healthy and safe car no matter what.


Schedule your brake service today

Is it time to get your brakes checked? Schedule an appointment with Sornoso’s Automotive today! We always have coupons available on our website to help you save a few bucks. Our coupons range from savings on regular maintenance to preventative care and even major repairs. Call us anytime at 626-966-0404 for more information.


We are proud to announce that all our service technicians are ASE Certified.


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