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Brake And Lamp Inspection

Brake and Lamp Inspection

Driving has become such an autonomous part of our day-to-day lives to the point where we tend to take our brakes for granted. It’s what keeps us from ramming into obstacles ahead of us, and allows us to park exactly where we want. Sornoso’s Auto is here to tell you what happens when your brakes fail and why it’s crucial to get a brake and lamp inspection from your trustworthy auto shop near Glendora.

What Can Go Wrong?

To put it simply, everything can go wrong if you have a faulty brake system. And unless you catch it early, you may already be on the road when your brakes decide to completely fail on you. Sometimes your vehicle will show signs of failing brakes, such as:

A screeching or squealing sound when braking
Loud grinding noises coming from your brakes
A longer stopping distance
Aggressive vibrations throughout the vehicle
Harder-to-press (or spongey) brakes

Don’t wait until an accident to have your brakes inspected! Bring your vehicle into Sornoso’s Auto to have qualified mechanics perform a thorough brake and lamp inspection near Glendora.

Auto Brake
Auto Brake Maintenance

What’s In a Brake and Lamp Inspection?

Because your safety is our highest priority, not a single thing gets overlooked at our auto shop. We value the significance of brakes and the safety they bring us on the road and so we’ll make sure to check out every single part and let you know if anything needs to be fixed or replaced.

Brake System Lamp System
The thickness of your brake pads should be no less than 2mm. Headlamps
Disc and caliper thickness is also evaluated. High beams
Drums and rotors are checked for any damages. Reverse lights
Any leaks in the hydraulics system are tended to. Brake lights
The emergency brake is tested. Turn signals
Brake hoses are inspected. Fog lamps
Your vehicle’s stopping distance may be measured. Spot lamps
If your car has ABS, our mechanics are knowledgeable in examining it. Reflectors

Brake and lamp inspections at Sornoso’s Auto are among the most accurate and trustworthy in the Glendora area. For absolute safety and a sense of security on the road, be sure to bring your vehicle in for regular checkups! We perform all kinds of services for your vehicle on top of brake inspections.

Why Sornoso’s Auto?

We wouldn’t let just anybody work on your precious ride. That’s why every single service technician at Sornoso’s Auto is ASE certified. What does that mean? It means that we have earned the stamp of approval from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence to perform our services with quality assurance. This certification, paired with years of serving the Glendora area for many years, is a testament to our reliability in ensuring that your vehicle is ready for the road.

You can schedule your next service online or call us at 626-966-0404!

We are proud to announce that all our service technicians are ASE Certified.


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