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Mechanic Working on the Car Engine

Auto Repair Shop Serving Azusa

Sornoso’s Auto Repair offers the whole range of auto repair services. Our services include oil changes, smog checks, wheel alignment, engine repair, and so much more. Whether your car needs preventative maintenance or a serious repair, we’re here to help.

Expert Battery Services

We provide regular battery inspections to keep your vehicle running right. If you need a battery replacement, we do that too! We also can diagnose and repair your alternator and starter.

Some common problems with your battery and alternator can include:

Your battery going dead
Serpentine belt squealing
Battery light is on

Mechanic repairing battery

Quality Oil Changes

The oil in your car is what keeps your engine running well. We provide the lowest prices in Azusa for oil changes along with premium grade synthetic oil. Whether we’re topping off the fluids in your vehicle or replacing your oil filter, we guarantee a job done right.

Transmission Services

Mechanic repairing transmission

Your transmission is a core piece of your drivetrain. It transfers power from your engine into forward motion, so you can well, drive! To keep your transmission running well, it’s important to replace the transmission fluid and repair it when necessary. We provide repairs for all types of transmissions, including:

Automatic Transmissions
Four-Wheel (4×4) Drive Transmissions
Front-Wheel Drive Transmissions
Manual Transmissions

Driveshafts and CV Joints

We perform auto repairs for all aspects of your driveshaft, including your axle, clutch, and CV joints, Additionally, we service vehicles that are four wheel drive.

Axle Repair Your car’s axles are rods or shafts that connect to the drive wheels. They transfer power from transmission to wheels so your car can move. Axles often become damaged due to overloading, bad carrier bearings, and potholes.
Clutch Repair For those driving manual vehicles, your clutch can undergo a lot of wear-and-tear. If you notice a burning smell or smoke, slipping gears, or if your clutch is sticking, bring your car into our shop for repairs!
CV Joints CV joints, or constant velocity joints, are made up of several important parts, the most important being the cage, bearings, and CV boot. If you are having trouble turning or notice a clicking noise or unnatural humming noise when driving, a CV joint may be damaged.

Air Conditioning Repair

Is your car’s AC just not running right? Schedule an appointment with Sornoso Automative. The following signs can indicate there’s a problem with your AC system.

Your AC isn’t blowing air
There is weak air pressure / air flow
Only hot air is coming out of your AC system

None of these scenarios are fun – especially on hot days. When you bring your vehicle into our shop, we will diagnose the problem with your AC system and then fix it up so it runs just how it should.

Car aircon

Springs and Suspension

Car Suspension and brakes

Your vehicle’s springs and suspensions don’t only create a comfortable driving experience but are very important for bearing loads and better handling. Our services cover rack and pinion steering, suspension lowering, shock absorbers, struts, and more!

Your Asuza Auto Repair Shop

Whether your car needs a regular tune-up or a major repair, Sornoso’s Automotive is ready to help! We offer complete auto services, ranging from brake inspections and battery services to transmission repairs. To get started, give us a call at 626-966-0404 or send us a service request online.

We are proud to announce that all our service technicians are ASE Certified.


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